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Hi, My name is Caroline and I live in France. I am actually in high school in the international section. But, i have a problem, I have to do 2 essays for tuesday (17th october). And I really do not understand. The first essay I have to do is to answer to one of theses question: 1) How does Jamaica ...

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Argumentative Essay topic Suggestions

I know that there are lots of topics on internet but i couldnt find something i like.So here is what i need: Im going to write something about 1k+ words so i need something powerful so i could write easily Also topic theme should be related to power .(e.g power of media ) If its possible 2-3 topics suggestion would ...

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Cultural interview

Hi whoever is reading this, I have an assignment in my global issues class and I have to interview someone from another culture or country. I am in America, I am a female, and I would not say I have a particular culture. If anyone could answer the following questions for me and let me know where you are from, ...

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