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Increasing the price of petrol is the best way to solve growing traffic and pollution problems. To what exteno

Toady, the world is suffering from congestion and high pollution problems which are growing steadily. Some people suggest that to deter these problems, government should increase the petrol prices. As for as i am concerned, i am not on the same wavelength with this statement because there are other alternatives which can overcome with these issues. To consider the reasons, ...

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apessay.com and studybay.com – most likely the most criminal Ukrainian paper services

apessay.com and studybay.com facts and real review: 1. 100% operated from Ukraine, staffed almost exclusively with Ukrainians and Russians. 2. Direct ties to notorious cyber-criminals in Ukraine and Russia. 3. Hacked thousands of websites injecting hundreds of fraudulent links. Including MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), ITT Tech, Harvard, UIC, among others. 4. Continue hacking and redirecting unsuspecting Internet users to ...

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Be very careful of who you use as an essay writer

Unsatisfied Student There is a freelance writer who I have dealt with and I now recommend everyone to be cautious of using this person. He extorted over £300 for an assignment that he produced 3 posters with NO justifications and he had previously taken over £400 for two badly written assignments and accused me of not detailing what I wanted ...

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